“Good guys go to hell.”

“If you don’t know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you are going to hell.“


We have heard that this Truth was proclaimed at the 2015 National Prayer Breakfast this week in Washington D.C.

This is radical Truth that even many Christians have a hard time believing.


It is a subject matter that will divide a conversation in a heartbeat.

Even people who know this Truth will shy away from proclaiming it as Truth.

It is too controversial.


Why is this considered radical truth?

[Because it is so hard for our human brains to understand.]

Because this is not human truth.  This is God Truth.

It goes against common sense.

Because if it is indeed true, it is devastating.


It is a spiritual Truth that originates with the One who created the world.

His ways are not our ways.


It is impossible to understand His ways, unless He allows us to understand.


I remember when the things of God were a mystery; my brain couldn’t entertain Truth.

Truth was what I thought it was.

Truth was what made sense to me.

Truth was only what I could wrap my brain around.


The teachings of “man” through the ages had contributed to my definition of Truth.

“Truth” passed down, from generation to generation.

“Truth”, because Oprah spoke the words. {spoken with great respect for Oprah as a humanitarian}


Only God (Spirit) can enable us to understand spiritual truths.

The Lord must draw us into Truth before we can know Truth.

My love for (you!) compels me to speak Truth.


Why would a loving God send good people to hell?


God doesn’t send people to hell. People choose hell, when they do not choose God.


All throughout Scripture is the confirmation of the horrible reality of the unending punishment in hell.


I chose this song for you today. I like choosing songs for you! I spend hours choosing just the right song.

It is chock full of Truth.