….a review of Escape the Lie,  Journey to Freedom from the Orphan Heart.



My review (if you will) of the book, by giving you 5 sentences from the book.

Author: Walker Moore with Marti Pieper

Copyright:  2014

Theme of the Book:  Satan’s deceptive tactics block most Christians from the lives God intended.  We preach the gospel, but our lives proclaim destruction.

My one comment:  If you are a Follower of Christ, this book can help you to understand the frustration in yourself and others.  If you are not a Christian, this book can also speak volumes into your life.  Either way, this book can help the pieces of the puzzle to fit together.  I highly recommend.

1.  When you fail to receive from your father the things you desire, you decide to take his place.

2.  If you fail to identify the voices in your head or understand their true source, you set yourself up for trouble.

3.  God uses the vehicle of suffering to silence other voices and allow us to hear from him.

4.  We have to make sure our eyes are careful because our bodies haven’t yet been made holy.

5.  If Satan’s #1 attack on Jesus was at the point of identity, how do you think he attacks us?