I must be a stellar citizen or a criminal, because I had my fingerprints recorded twice in TWO days.

Yesterday I was renewing my driver’s license and had the routine finger imprints done at the counter.

Today I had my fingerprints taken, for a special license that I am applying for.

Today though, was a thorough imaging of each finger tip.  And the monitor (like a computer screen) was visible during the entire process.  I could see all of the lines and ridges and markings.



For a moment my brain paused.

I was seeing my unique markings.  No one on the planet has my markings.

No two fingerprints have ever been found identical in many billions of human and automated computer comparisons.

As if I needed any proof that I have been uniquely created, I saw the evidence on the monitor today.

The markings were beautiful.  They were so interesting.  They were MINE !

The God who handcrafted us did not use a cookie-cutter.  We are all different.  There is no on else created that is just like you!  No one.



Think upon the Truth whenever you start to compare yourself with all the others that also carry unique fingerprints.

He handcrafted you.

Everything sifts through the Lord’s Hands.

He has a unique plan for you to Glorify His Holy Name.


Be excited about who you are and how you are, because the One who made you desires to USE you!