I am reminded this evening of the power of the enemy.

The enemy that is not more powerful than God.

I am reminded of faith.

Real faith.


Faith that believes and follows, even when we do not want to follow.

Faith that takes over when we are not “happy”.

Faith that takes over when everything is not okay.

Faith that is following after Truth.

Faith that says “ I do not understand” but I will sit, crawl or lie down upon on the Truth, until I am able to stand.


It is easy to “have faith” when everything is going okay.

Super easy to “have faith” when everything is going really well.


But, what about when life gets really hard?

When the death occurs.

When the emotional pain is off the charts.

When the marriage is not bringing you any happiness.

When….. (fill in the blank).


Real faith will continue to breath.

It will continue to move.

Real faith can cry. Real faith can question.

Faith will swallow pride. [tastes horrible; will make you sick]

Real faith will continue after the Truth that we find in the Scriptures.


I am praying tonight for all who will ever put their eyes on this Blog entry.

I pray that you will be encouraged to live out genuine faith.

Encouraged by the Power of the Holy Spirit.


Do not lean on your own understanding of your life and the surrounding circumstances.

We are going to rub shoulders with the evil and brokenness of this world.

Keep breathing genuine faith, so we can testify to the Truth.


Living out genuine faith is not easy.

It is not a warm and delicious cinnamon bun on a Sunday morning.

If your faith is founded upon the Truths of Scripture, you are equipped.


I leave you tonight with a song.